Korg Canada / Erikson Music - Buyer Education: Grey Market and non-Authorized Dealers

Check Out the Seller Before You Checkout

Korg Canada / Erikson Music, divisions of JAM industries have been successful over the years with our emphasis on customer service. “Service breeds sales” as the old saying goes! The information below is intended to educate the public with regards to service and warranty since with online shopping, as great and convenient as it is, has also caused issues for those uninformed buyers. So buyers beware and please take the time to read the following.

An “unauthorized online reseller” is the term used for an internet vendor offering to sell any of our products who is not an Authorized Canadian Dealer or Reseller for Korg Canada / Erikson Music. An unauthorized online reseller may be offering counterfeit, damaged, used or defective product. The simplest way to avoid an unauthorized online reseller is simply buying in Canada.

Another term to know is grey market product. These products fall between illegal black market goods and legitimate white market goods. They may or may not be legal depending on the product itself and other things like import laws. Grey market products are often not intended for the Canadian market thus they may have different power supply/power cords potentially causing harm to you or others, non-genuine accessories, missing manuals (no French manual for our Quebec residents, or no English instructions at all), fake software, or they are not eligible for manufacturer’s rebates.

The biggest concern about unauthorized online resellers and grey market goods for most people is warranty and support issues. Most musical instruments, PA and recording related products will work fine through the lifespan of the product, but if you do have a problem, if you haven’t purchased in Canada, what little you saved will be gone in a flash. Since Korg Canada / Erikson Music cannot guarantee the authenticity or condition of products offered for sale on unauthorized online reseller websites and/or grey market goods, the consumer has no warranty or possibility of service through our network of service centers. To be clear, you really have no warranty or support. If it breaks, you are going to have a costly repair since you will have to send this all the way back to whoever you purchased this from, that is, if they even respond and want to help. Some of the online retailers will offer their own warranties, but they are not manufacturer’s warranties. The work covered by these warranties will not be up to the same standards as an authorized Canadian service center, and again, there are hidden costs associated with these.

Buying from an authorized Korg Canada / Erikson Music dealer means you will not have any of these issues, they sell only Canadian white market products. This means they will take care of you if you have any issues with your product. They will take the time to make sure you understand how to use your product in order for you get the most out of your new purchase and continue to enjoy your love of music.

We are taking this very seriously and don’t wish for consumers to have a negative brand experience. We are working to prevent these unauthorized online resellers from taking advantage of you, the customer. Same applies for getting stuck with a grey market good and ultimately, having buyer remorse. Our dealer locator points you in the right direction to Authorized Canadian Dealers. If you have doubts about the authenticity of an online reseller, please contact us directly at: [email protected]

Buying from Amazon.ca or .com doesn’t guarantee you are not buying a grey market product. If it shows shipping from anywhere other than Canada, buyer beware. If you are not sure, use our dealer locator for any product available at Erikson Music Online.